Brittany Mahomes can’t take it anymore and sends a resounding message to her haters

The wife of Patrick Mahomes seems fed up

Brittany Mahomes has finally hit back at her haters who have implied she’s attempting to copy her friends and is seeking attention by her association with the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs.

Mahomes is the wife of the team’s star quarterback, Patrick, and the father of his two children and is often spotted at games supporting her husband as he bids to win his third Super Bowl ring in 2023/24.

But she has been attacked by trolls who have gone after her for seemingly no obvious, or good, reason and now she’s finally hit back at those commenters, telling them to go somewhere else.

“Recently there has been A LOT more rude a** people on here,” Mahomes posted to Instagram’s stories feature. “Waaaay more than normal….

“I’m not sure where yall came from, but you should probably go back to where you came from…. please”.

What did people say?
A delve into her recent Instagram posts shows a series of mean comments from people comparing her to Taylor Swift or questioning why she has to actually attend games in person.

That game on her recent upload at the Gilette Stadium in Foxboro as the Chiefs battled the New England Patriots, where Mahomes was in attendance in a white coat, red handbag and black dress, tights and boots.

One user wrote, “Why can’t you wear Chiefs gear and support KC like Taylor does?”

Whilst another replied, “She is trying to be taylor swift so bad”.

A third said, “Copy Taylor swifts game day style much????”

A fourth commented, changing the angle of attack, “She’s there. Why does she have to be there? Why can’t you just watch it on tv I don’t get it”.

And a second in the same ilk said, “Get off the field and get a job”.