Bronze Mahomes steals the show on Brittany’s Instagram story with adorable ‘sprints’

Bronze has become a social media superstar

Bronze Mahomes is becoming a social media superstar thanks to mum Brittany. The adorable one-year-old has become a regular feature on her Instagram account, starring in countless stories and publications.

In Brittany’s latest dose of adorable content, Bronze does some ‘sprints’ at home. In the short clip Bronze, with the aid of her walker, Bronze runs as fast as he can towards his mom. Despite a few wobbles, the youngster manages to successfully sprint a short distance.

Bronze Mahomes’ most adorable video yet: does sprints at home with mom Brittany

Like her father, perhaps Bronze might have a future in sports. It’s certainly no easy feat to run like that at such a young age.

In late December, Bronze together with his sister Sterling made their professional debuts as models for Kim Kardashian’s clothing line Skims. Fans couldn’t get enough of the cute content.