Donna Kelce Gets Sentimental About Baking With Granddaughter Wyatt — & She Gets To Do More Than Just the Famous Kelce Cookies

Donna Kelce — mom of NFL players Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce — is known for always having chocolate chip cookies for her boys. She even had some ready for them to enjoy before they faced off in the 2023 Super Bowl. The top-notch baker recently revealed to People that making her infamous cookies is not a one-woman show. Lately, her oldest granddaughter has been lending a hand.

“Baking is a wonderful activity to do with family and friends,” she said when partnering with Aramark Sports + Entertainment, “and now I have a little helper in [Jason’s daughter] Wyatt.”

“I look forward to passing on my tips and tricks to the girls so that they can eventually pass these traditions on to their own families one day,” she continued.

Donna is the proud grandma of three girls. Along with 4-year-old Wyatt, there’s 2-year-old Elliotte and 8-month-old Bennett who is about to celebrate her first Christmas. (Which mom Kylie Kelce is very excited about.)

SheKnows’ Parenting Editor Rita Templeton spoke to Donna ahead of the Super Bowl — which was aptly dubbed the Kelce Bowl — about her cookies, and she let us in on the same “secrets” she must whisper in Wyatt’s ear. The trick to making “Uncle Travvy’s” favorite cookies is to melt the butter, use milk chocolate and white chocolate chips, and refrigerate the dough overnight before baking.

We bet that when it comes to Wyatt being in the kitchen, Donna has a similar philosophy to the one she had when her sons were growing up. If they wanted to try a new sport, they had to commit to playing for the full season.

“Once it’s over, if you don’t like that team, or if you don’t like that sport, you don’t have to play anymore,” she tells SheKnows. “But your team depends on you. You have to show up on time, every day, whether you want to or not.”

If you don’t like making cookies, you don’t have to make them a second time. But your fellow baker depends on you!

According to Kylie, Wyatt has the distinct honor of not only helping with the cookies, but with “Mama Kelce’s dinner rolls” too. The 4-year-old got to make the all-important side for Thanksgiving and reportedly thinks she is the “queen of the rolls.” An adorable title she most definitely deserves.

“So, I think for our Christmas meal, she will end up helping my mother-in-law again because they absolutely nailed it,” the mom of three told People. “They were outstanding, as usual.”

And that totally checks out. Because if there’s one word we can confidently say describes the Kelce family — rolls and otherwise — it’s “outstanding.”

These Hollywood grandparents aren’t baking cookies or playing Bingo — they’re in their prime of life.