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Female millionaire Taylor Swift: Both rich and talented, released a new album that “collapsed” Spotify, is a real estate tycoon but only likes to spend money… on others



As one of the richest people in Hollywood, female millionaire Taylor Swift not only possesses a wealth of achievements in her career but has accumulated a lot of unexpected wealth.

Taylor Swift is an American female singer and songwriter. Her songs span many different genres, featuring personal narratives in every note and verse. Taking inspiration from her personal life has left a certain mark, helping her music receive widespread praise from the media and critics.

Possessing a “terrible” education

Not only is she a talented female singer with a powerful voice, as well as possessing a large fan base around the world, Taylor Swift is also loved for her “great education” and her eagerness to learn. .

Even though she is at the peak of her career, Taylor has never stopped trying to improve herself. She always spends a lot of time studying and researching because more than anyone else, she understands that knowledge is never enough and it helps her gain more knowledge and creative ideas in her profession.

Notably, last May 2022, Taylor Swift received an honorary doctorate in Arts from New York University. She was honored for her contributions to protecting the rights of artists and fighting discrimination. The university called Taylor “one of the most outstanding and famous artists of her generation” with 10 Grammy Awards, 29 AMA Awards.

The millionaire female singer just released an album and Spotify crashed

Taylor Swift’s singing career started very early when she was just 15 years old. Since then, the globally famous female singer has had a list of countless songs loved by young people, along with a not small amount of income. Taylor’s tours are also a major source of income, with the tour for her 2015 compilation album 1989 alone helping her earn $250 million.

In addition, Taylor Swift is also the representative face of many brands such as Keds, Diet Coke, CoverGirl, Capital One, Apple… Taylor has been with Diet Coke since 2013. Thanks to her constant accumulation, her fortune is now estimated to be worth up to 400 million USD, making him one of the richest artists in America.

Taylor Swift has a unique performance style

Recently, Taylor Swift released her new album Midnights at noon on October 21, including 13 songs representing her 13 concerns and worries in life, keeping her awake all night. A few hours later, she continued to “play big” by releasing 7 extended tracks, bringing the total length of the album to 20 tracks.

The album’s content includes feelings such as self-hate, thinking that you are not good enough, not worthy of love; Fantasizing about revenge; Wondering what things would be like now if things were different in the past; Falling in love; Everything turned upside down, shattered into hundreds of pieces.

Notably, right at the time the album was released, the largest online music platform Spotify “crashed” within a few minutes because of too many visits. According to estimates, just 1 minute after the album’s release, there were more than 5 million visits to Midnights to order.

A few hours later, Midnights debuted on Metacritic (Metacritic is a website that aggregates reviews of music albums, video games, movies, TV shows and DVDs) with an almost perfect score. : 98 points. This is also the highest score in Metacritic history to date. Thereby further affirming the appeal of Taylor Swift’s music.

The album also received 4 reviews from prestigious magazines. That’s what helped Taylor Swift’s Midnights “hold” the highest debut score in Metacritic history. Photo: screen cap

Midnights also broke a series of records in a short period of time. Specifically, on the first day of release, the album broke the Spotify record by becoming the most listened to album in 24 hours.

According to Billboard data, the album sold 1.2 million copies in just the first 3 days of release, entering the top of the most spectacular albums released this year. This is also the album that marks the highest sales week for an artist since 2017. Previously, this record also belonged to Taylor Swift with Reputation.

Not stopping there, Taylor is also on track to break the record for vinyl sales since 1991. Taylor’s streaming numbers are also strong enough to give the female singer the third best week of 2022. .

Experts pay special attention to this comeback of Taylor Swift. Prestigious magazines such as Independent UK and leading music magazine Rolling Stone all gave the album a perfect score of 100.

Real estate tycoon, owns a private jet

Unlike many other celebrities, Taylor Swift is like an “underground tycoon” in showbiz. She does not like to show off luxury cars or expensive jewelry on social networks. Instead, the female singer focuses on some other financial areas.

According to Business Insider, Taylor Swift is a land tycoon with a portfolio worth $84 million, including 8 properties in 4 different states.

Some of the star’s public properties include a massive mansion in Beverly Hills, a huge estate in Rhode Island, a Penthouse in New York City, and an exclusive apartment in Nashville. Her most valuable real estate is a $40 million estate in Tribeca.

At the same time, the media also said that the female millionaire also owns two Dassault private jets, with an estimated value of about 58 million USD each. Taylor is often used for her travels, but is also available for fans to accompany her to her exclusive events.

Hobby of spending money… on others

Rich and generous is Taylor Swift’s usual style. She frequently spent money on others, such as taking her 125-piece band and crew members on vacation with her to Australia to celebrate the end of her 1989 tour.

At the same time, the star is also a familiar face at charity organizations. She has repeatedly donated large sums of money to foundations everywhere quietly, only a few of whose activities are known.

On his 24th birthday, Taylor donated $100,000 to the Nashville Symphony. She also donated $1 million after the Louisiana floods and pledged $4 million to the Country Hall Music of Fame to fund the Taylor Swift Education Center. She also attracted attention when she spent $30,000 to help Victoria Mario, 18 years old in London, attend college.

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