“have never seen anything like that ” taylor swift react in massive anger to travis klcee action


The couple stole the show as the Chiefs celebrated the AFC Championship victory at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday

It wasn’t exactly private, but Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift took the time to share a moment just for themselves after the Kansas City Chiefs clinched their spot in the Super Bowl.


"have never seen anything like that " taylor swift react in massive anger to travis klcee action

Swift, 34, met her beau on the field after the game — she walked down to find him with his parents, Donna and Ed Kelce — and the tight end, 34, was caught on video greeting her enthusiastically as the two shared a kiss and an embrace in celebration of the Chiefs’ victory.

“What’s up sweetie,” Travis said to the pop star as she wrapped her arms around him in a clip that’s gone viral on X (formerly Twitter).


“I’ve never seen anything like that,” she told him as she absorbed the electric atmosphere on the field, where Chiefs fans and families had gathered to celebrate the AFC Championship win.

Travis then asked where Swift and his family — his brother, Jason Kelce, was also in attendance at the game, along with his wife, Kylie Kelce — had been seated for the playoff game, and the “Cruel Summer” singer turned and pointed toward the suite where his loved ones had all been watching. “We were up there. We were all the way over there, up there,” Swift can be heard telling her beau.


In another clip from the postgame celebration, Swift told Travis of the win against the Baltimore Ravens, “I’ve never seen anything like that in my life.”

Travis then greeted his dad, Ed, calling out “Papa!” and could be heard sharing his excitement for the Super Bowl game. “How ‘bout it, huh? Las Vegas! Here we go, baby!”

Later in the same video, Swift told Travis that the view from the suite was “the best.”

“It was insane,” she said of the game. “I can’t believe that.”


A brotherly moment was also captured as Jason, 36, joined Travis on the field after the game and the two shared several hugs and both got emotional.


“You keep your shirt on this time?” Travis asked Jason, referencing his viral shirtless moment at last week’s game against the Buffalo Bills. “I did … for right now,” Jason quipped. “We’ll see how it goes.”

After the playful banter, Jason choked up while congratulating his younger brother for beating the Ravens, 17-10, and for being Super Bowl-bound for a second-consecutive year. “I know it wasn’t easy. I know it was a hard year,” Jason said. “Finish it. Finish this motherf—er!”

Travis emotionally replied to Jason with, “F— yeah, dog. Goddamn, I love you. I love you, big dog.”