‘I love him for it’ – Travis Kelce defends Andy Reid’s reaction to Chiefs helmet-throwing incident

Things are starting to unravel for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The defending Super Bowl champions have lost three of their last four games and tempers are beginning to flare among their most high profile players.

Reid has stern words for his star TE after the helmet-throwing incident
Reid has stern words for his star TE after the helmet-throwing incident

Star quarterback Patrick Mahomes has lost his cool on the sidelines on more than one occasion this season, while Travis Kelce had a meltdown of his own in the 14-20 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas Day.

After the Chiefs offense was stopped by the Raiders near the end of the first half, a visibly frustrated Kelce launched his helmet down the sideline.

Head coach Andy Reid appeared to have stern words for the All-Pro tight end and even pushed the helmet away so Kelce could not immediately get it back at that moment.

While the exchange appeared frosty, Kelce has since spoken out in defence of his head coach while insisting he needs to look inwards before laying the blame at anyone else’s feet.

On a recent episode of Jason and Travis Kelce’s ‘New Height’s; podcast, Jason said of the incident, “the frustration was visible on the sideline.

“You had the incident where you tossed your helmet, in typical Kelce fashion.”

Speaking about his interaction with Reid, Travis responded, “he’s looking out for me and I love him for it.

“I didn’t go back out there and play good. He wanted to see the fire in me and I reacted in a bad way.

“He wanted to get the best out of me but right now I’m not playing my best football and I gotta lock the f*** in and be more accountable for him and be more accountable for my teammates.

“I gotta keep my f***ing cool man, because as a leader that’s not how you switch the momentum.”

Kelce has not been at his best this season with some – including Fox Sports analyst Skip Bayless – suggesting his romance with pop superstar Taylor Swift is becoming an unwelcome distraction.

Swift has attended eight games this season. The Chiefs started with four wins with Swift in attendance but now hold a 5-3 record when she watches the team play.

During the podcast, Kelce addressed the Chiefs’ struggles at large, admitting it’s been a frustrating experience.

“It’s not just the Raiders, there have been a lot of teams that we’ve played where we’ve struggled to catch a rhythm,” he said.

“It’s a frustrating f***ing experience right now but we’re going in every single day trying to fix it, I promise you guys.

“It’s not just one guy, it’s not just me playing like dog s***, everybody’s in this f***ing thing together, everyone at some point hasn’t been accountable and we just gotta bring it together man.”

The 9-6 Chiefs are still on course to win the AFC West but as things stand look unlikely to reach their fourth Super Bowl in five years.

They welcome the Bengals to Arrowhead on New Year’s Eve before finishing the season against the Los Angeles Chargers.