“I Love You”: Hours Before $210.6 Million Guaranteed Deal, Wife Brittany Sends Flowers to Rich Husband Patrick Mahomes

Brittany and her husband, Patrick Mahomes, came together to celebrate their special day, and there’s every reason to do so. The star quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs has three fantastic reasons to rejoice this week. Brittany Mahomes, who has been a constant presence by Patrick’s side through thick and thin for over a decade, shares a remarkable love story with him.

They met in high school and, after becoming best friends, eventually fell in love. Their love story has always been a fairy-tale romance in the eyes of their devoted fans. While Patrick Mahomes and his team secured a victory in their NFL Week 2 game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, the QB has two more reasons to celebrate, one of which is a special gift from his wife, Brittany Mahomes.

Brittany shares every second of her with Patrick Mahomes?

A few hours ago, Brittany Mahomes took to her Instagram to share a heartfelt story. In the story, the former soccer player posted a picture of Patrick Mahomes holding a beverage bottle with a birthday cake beside him. The occasion marked Patrick Mahomes’ birthday on September 17, and Brittany had organized a special celebration for her beloved husband.

Alongside the photo, she added some affectionate captions for him, drawing a red heart as she wrote, “@patrickmahomes Celebrating you is easy! I love you!.” She continued, “Yesterday was my guys Birthday! I hope it was the best and you enjoyed every second of me beating you in knock out🙂” She celebrated her birthday beautifully, showering her love and respect for the Young GOAT, who turned 28 this month.

Apart from this reason, there is another reason for celebrating the week, as Patrick Mahomes became a new contract-holder.

Patrick Mahomes’ contract reconstructed?

Patrick Mahomes’ time of being undervalued compared to his fellow quarterbacks has finally ended. The 28-year-old and the Chiefs have revamped his contract, ensuring he will earn $210.6 million from 2023 to 2026, marking a historic four-year payout. Moreover, this amount could potentially rise to $218.1 million too, after observing his performance by the end of 2026. Furthermore, they have intentions to reassess the contract after the 2026 season, effectively shortening the remaining term from eight years to three.

This adjustment in the contract by the Chiefs aims to rightfully reward the NFL’s premier player and grants Mahomes another opportunity for a substantial payday in a landscape where quarterback contracts are continually on the rise. In 2020, Mahomes had previously agreed to a 10-year, $450 million extension with the Chiefs, securing his contractual commitment until the 2031 season.

All in all, Patrick Mahomes has three compelling reasons to celebrate this week: his long-awaited Week 2 victory, his birthday festivities with Brittany Mahomes, and the contract restructuring. Now, with the revised terms, Mahomes and the Chiefs eagerly await their next game against the Bears on Sunday.