Is Taylor Swift at the Chiefs vs. Patriots game? Updates on if star is watching Travis Kelce from Gillette Stadium

Has Taylor Swift cursed the Chiefs?

Kansas City has lost consecutive games and three out of the past four. Swift was in attendance for the latest pair, traveling to Green Bay and then suffering through an Arrowhead defeat since returning from the South American leg of her Eras Tour.

The singer shouldn’t be labeled as a curse yet, as the Chiefs are still 4-2 with her in attendance, and Travis Kelce sure enjoys having Swift in the suite. The upcoming road game outside of Boston could determine whether she brings karma. The 8-5 Chiefs need a win against the 3-10 Patriots to stay at the top of the AFC West.

Prior to following Kelce to Wisconsin, Swift only went to one game away from Kansas City, and that was in New York. Considering she spends most of her week there, it makes sense. Will we see her up the coast in Boston?

Seems like it: With her birthday only days before the game (Dec. 13), it’d be a surprise if she didn’t close out her birth week with a Chiefs game.

An Instagram account that tracks flights by Swift’s jet noted Sunday morning that the plane was en route from Morristown, New Jersey, to Providence, Rhode Island. That airport is about 40 miles from one of Swift’s homes, the coastal Watch Hill Estate … or, heading in the opposite direction, about 35 miles from Gillette Stadium.

Sure enough, NESN caught a glimpse of Swift emerging from a convoy of SUVs at Gillette Stadium about 45 minutes before kickoff.

Incidentally, Swift isn’t the only music superstar in attendance. Jon Bon Jovi was making the rounds on the field pregame and rang the lighthouse bell at Gillette Stadium before kickoff.

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We know Bill Belichick is a Swiftie, too, applauding her stormy Gillette Stadium show in May. He doesn’t seem too excited for her this time around, though, saying he’s focused on the game against Kansas City.

Swift and Kelce plan on spending as much time together as they can for the remainder of the season. She doesn’t plan on going back on the road to tour until February, but if the Chiefs make it to the Super Bowl this year, she would miss that.

She may as well make the most of it while she can. Plus, you never know what a star as big as Swift has up her sleeve.