Jason Whitlock SLAMS CBS for ‘choosing Taylor Swift’ over crucial NFL game between Ravens and Dolphins by having lead duo Jim Nantz and Tony Romo in Kansas City instead

Jim Nantz and Tony Romo are covering Chiefs vs Bengals on Sunday evening
Jason Whitlock insisted CBS should have sent them to cover Ravens vs Dolphins

Controversial conservative commentator Jason Whitlock has slammed CBS’ decision to send lead commentary team Jim Nantz and Tony Romo to Kansas City on Sunday, instead of the huge game between the Ravens and Dolphins.

The Ravens and Dolphins showdown is arguably the best game of week 17 in the NFL with the AFC’s top two going head to head in Maryland.

But CBS have sent their top guys to the Chiefs’ game against the Bengals – which Kansas City need to win to secure a playoff spot.

Whitlock alleged that game had been chosen because of Taylor Swift’s expected attendance at Arrowhead Stadium.

The popstar has become a regular at boyfriend Travis Kelce’s games in recent months and she is expected to be there again on Sunday after spending Christmas Day in Kansas City with the tight end.

Jason Whitlock shared his opposition to CBS sending Jim Nantz and Tony Romo to Kansas City

Nantz (left) and Romo (right) are the lead commentary team for CBS during the NFL season

Whitlock believes it shows the NFL and broadcasters are prioritizing celebrities over the action

Taylor Swift has become a regular at boyfriend Travis Kelce’s Chiefs games in recent months

Whitlock believes it shows the NFL and broadcasters are prioritizing celebrities over the quality of sporting competition.

He posted on X: ‘Wow. Nantz-Romo are in KC for Bengals-Chiefs vs. Taylor Swift? Good lord.

‘This is the same mistake the NBA made.

‘NBA marketed itself as the game all the celebs attend rather than come see the great competition and great players.

‘You got Lamar vs. Tua and CBS chose Taylor Swift.’

NBA games are regularly attended by celebrities with court-side seats one of the hottest tickets in town.

Meanwhile, Swift and Kelce’s relationship has brought a whole new audience to NFL games and the attention is unavoidable.

Swift helped the NFL enjoy its best Christmas Day ratings since 1989 at Arrowhead last week
The best of Sunday’s NFL action saw the Ravens and Dolphins – top two in the AFC – face off

Sunday’s game against the Bengals will be the ninth Chiefs game Swift has been at since she started dating Kelce.

Her presence on Christmas Day helped the league pop a huge spike in viewership.

An average of more than 29 million fans tuned into CBS and Nickelodeon combined to watch the Chiefs’ 20-14 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders.

The 29-million-plus tuning in was a 29 per cent increase from last year’s Christmas Day game on CBS. It also was the highest-rated game on the holiday since 1989 – coincidentally the name of Swift’s fifth studio album.

The game peaked with over 37million viewers tuning in to get a glimpse of Kelce, Swift, and others.

The 28.8 million viewers from CBS alone made Raiders-Chiefs the most-watched Christmas Day program in the history of the network. That covers football, Charlie Brown, and everything else.