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Kelce Brothers, Travis and Jason, Both Confirm This Gross Habit…



Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce echoed the sentiments of his brother, recently retired former Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, on the topic of foot washing.

“I’m not washing my feet every time,” Travis revealed during the latest episode of his and his brother’s New Heights podcast released on Wednesday (June 5). “But after like a football practice — where my feet have just been like [squishing], yes, I wash my feet.”

Jason went viral after he revealed that he doesn’t watch his feet, claiming it was just as healthy not to and joked that it “any dermatologist not in bed with Big Soap will agree” in a post shared on his X account after another user claimed he “looks like he doesn’t wash his legs or feet.”

“If there’s visible dirt on them, I’ll scrub the dirt off,” Jason said during Wednesday’s episode of New Heights. “I don’t even touch my feet. Why the f**k would I wash my feet? I’m not touching my feet unless I’m clipping my toenails. That’s the only time I’m touching my feet.”

Jason then doubled-down on his stance that he was advised by a dermatologist to take a less-is-more approach to bathing.

“This is a fact. I don’t even need to dispute,” Jason said. “It’s been proven. People that wash their entire bodies with soap have been proven to have unhealthier skin, OK?”

“I don’t know what you want me to say,” he added. “Look up any dermatologist. They will tell you. You only wash hot spots. Some people will say feet. Outside of that, that’s about it.”


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