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Kim Kardashian locks herself in bathroom as she admits being a single parent is tough



Kim Kardashian is one of the world’s most famous women. But beneath the glitz and the glamour, the socialite and star of Hulu‘s “The Kardashians” wears many hats — and she fights through difficulties as a mother to which many women can relate.

Since her split from ex-husband Kanye West in 2022, Kardashian has been a single mother to the couple’s four children: NorthSaintChicago, and Psalm. Juggling a quartet of kids while managing work and media responsibilities has taken a toll on Kim, who has told a worldwide audience how she deals with the pressure.

Kim K reveals what she sometimes has to do

On the newest episode of “The Kardashians,” Kim revealed that she recently had to hide in a bathroom at her house in order to escape her children, who were screaming and “banging on the door” as she tried to conduct a Zoom interview.

I can’t live like this,” Kardashian admitted in a raw and honest moment. “I ran out of patience and that’s what my superpower was, being calm and patient.”

Kim admitted that she wished she was more like her sister Khloe, who she believes is a more “strict” parent with her children, True and Tatum.

“I don’t know why I have a hard time just saying, ‘No is no,'” Kim said. “I think I also don’t want to deal with the whining and the tears of not getting their way.

However, Kim also revealed the one trick she uses to get her four children out of her hair when the stress is just too much — but it seems clear that the 43-year-old needs more help managing all the chaos at home.

“I always say, ‘Okay guys, do you want me to just cut myself in half or in fours and a part will go with you, a part would go with you,'” she explained. “And they look at me like, ‘No, don’t ever do that!'”

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