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Kim Kardashian Updates Fans On Law School Journey



Reality star, Kim Kardashian has been vocal about her passion for criminal justice reform over the years and has now updated fans on her progress with becoming a lawyer.

The ‘Kardashians’ star gave fans an update on her progress with law school as she studies to take the bar exam. In a post shared to her Instagram Stories, Kardashian snapped a photo of her test prep material and dished on her least favourite subject in law.

“I can’t deal with all these hearsay exceptions!” she wrote. “My least favourite subject in law school.”

  1. The picture featured a shot of an energy drink she was using to fuel her studies in the back­ground and some handwritten notes.

Over the years, the SKIMS founder has given frequent up­dates about her journey into becoming a lawyer. In May 2023, Kardashian revealed she got straight As on her latest law school midterms.

“I’m still studying. I’m actually in constitutional law 1 and 2 right now. It’s my toughest; not the biggest fan of it, I’ve been shar­ing my struggle,” she told host Savannah Guthrie at the time. “But with that said, I took a mid­term yesterday. I got 100 percent and then I got a 95 percent on my other midterm. So I feel — that gives me that boost of confidence again just to push through.”

With her good grades and fin­gers crossed, Kardashian said she hoped to take the bar exam “in the next year or so” and be “done” with her studies.

Since 2019, Kardashian has been vocal about her passion for law and her private schooling journey. The reality star consis­tently advocates for wrongfully convicted inmates or those with unfair sentences. Her first legal success came when Kardashian successfully campaigned for the clemency of grandmother Alice Marie Johnson, who was sentenced to life in prison for a nonviolent offence.

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