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Kim Kardashian’s new ‘ride or die’ besties make debut



Kim Kardashian introduced two of her new ‘ride-or-die’ besties on The Kardashians as she celebrated her 43rd birthday: Ivanka Trump and Lauren Sanchez.


Both Ivanka, the 42-year-old daughter of former President Donald Trump, and Lauren, the 54-year-old fiancee of billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, were among the first celebs seen arriving at a party thrown for Kim by her sister Khloe Kardashian at Funke in Beverly Hills.


When all the guests were seated at the restaurant, Ivanka was in prime position right next to Kim on her right-hand side, while Lauren was two seats down.

To Kim’s left was one of her closest friends – Allison Statter – one of six inner circle pals she’s known her entire life and she affectionately calls ‘lifers.’

Given Ivanka and Lauren’s VIP placement on the seating chart, it’s clear they have quickly made their way to the top of Kim’s friendship group.

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