Mahomes wife needs to get of her high horse.

Brittany finally take a step, some fans was arrested today, for publicly insulting Brittany Mahomes.


Recently, the wife of NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes, Brittany, found herself at the center of a storm of criticism over her behavior at a stadium. But Brittany is not one to be silent.

In a recent interview on ESPN’s Manning Cast, Mahomes confirmed that he’s worn the same pair of underwear for every NFL game since his rookie year. Yes, you heard it right! The same pair of lucky underwear has apparently been accompanying Mahomes on the field since the start of his illustrious career.

Mahomes, the 2018 MVP and Super Bowl LIV champion, has developed a reputation not just for his powerhouse performances on the field, but also for his unique quirks off it. His latest revelation about his lucky underwear, however, takes things to a whole new level.


Mahomes wife needs to get of her high horse.


First, my wife Brittany got them for me, so I’m not throwin’ y’all down, but I have to wear ’em, ya know,” he said. “At the same time, I threw ’em on that first season [and] we had a pretty good season that season. I only wear ’em for game day, though

Considering the Chiefs’ winning streak, perhaps these really are his lucky underwear.
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For the athlete, it seems that his particular pair of underwear gives him a sense of comfort and continuity, contributing to his exceptional performance on the field.

“I clean ’em. I wash ’em. Every once in a while, at least,” he jokingly continued. “I mean, if we’re on a hot streak, I can’t wash ’em, you know? I’ve gotta just keep it rolli

Fans were obviously left surprised by the revelation.


Mahomes’ underwear revelation has undoubtedly added an amusing twist to his public persona. Fans have reacted with a mixture of surprise, amusement, and admiration for the quarterback’s peculiar superstition. Some are even attributing his phenomenal success to his lucky charm.


Despite the humor and surprise associated with Mahomes’ underwear, it provides a fascinating insight into the mindset of a professional athlete. As ridiculous as it may sound to some, if a pair of lucky underwear contributes to Mahomes’ confidence and performance on the field, then who are we to judge?


Brittany recently found herself in a whirlwind of drama and controversy after her supposed bashing of the pop superstar. Social media platforms ignited with a wave of fury from Swift’s fiercely loyal fanbase, who are known for their unwavering support and quick defense against any form of negativity directed at their idol.

Brittany allegedly wrote tweets about Taylor needing to write songs other than just boys.
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The fiasco started when an old tweet from Brittany was reshared, where she allegedly criticized Taylor Swift’s music. The tweet, dating back to 2016, showed Brittany expressing her distaste for Taylor’s music, stating that it was time that the Grammy-winning singer wrote some songs about anything other than boy Brittany never responded to the backlash, especially now that she’s friends with Taylor.



“Taylor swift, I wanna know when your gonna find something different to write about besides boys and relationships #timeforsomethingnew,” she allegedly tweeted in 2012. Then, in 2013, she is said to have tweeted, “Taylor Swift winning everything<<<<<,” accompanied with an angry emoOther people highlighted that the tweets were at least a decade

While this may seem like a harmless personal preference to some (at least the tweet about the music), Swift’s dedicated fandom didn’t take it lightly. The backlash was so intense that Brittany’s old tweets started trending on Twitter, leading more people to witness the decade-old comments left on the platform.

The uproar certainly underscored the power and influence of celebrity fandoms in today’s digital age

Travis Kelce was “shocked” by Taylor’s lyric change at her recent Eras concert.
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Kelce was left in awe when Swift made a lyrical change that referenced the Chiefs during her recent Eras concert in Argentina. The change left Kelce, who was in attendance, completely shocked, but in a good wOn his podcast, Travis admits he knew about the lyric change ahead of time.
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During a recent performance of her hit song Karma, instead of singing the original lyrics, “Karma is the guy on the screen / Coming straight home to me,” Swift decided to switch things up. She replaced the last line with “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs / Coming straight home to Nonetheless, he was still left “shocked” when he heard Taylor switch up on the song during her concert.
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The unexpected change was met with cheers from the crowd, most of whom were Swift and Chiefs’ fans.

Taking to his podcast, New Heights, co-hosted by his brother, Jason Kelce, he said, “I had no clue — well, I might’ve had a little bit of a clue, but definitely, when I heard it come out of her mouth, it still shocked me. I was like, ‘Oh, shh,’ she really just said that, alright

Travis admits to accidentally leaving Taylor’s dad hanging by not giving him a high-fi
That’s when Jason interjected, recalling the viral video of his reaction when Swift made the lyric change. “You were so shocked that you left Scott hanging,” Jason said, speaking of Swift’s dad, who stood next to the NFL star at the concert. “Scott’s over here looking
Being the gentleman that he is, he apologized

Kelce responded, “Yeah, Mr. Swift, I apologize, big guy and I missed that. I never miss a high-five too. Big high five guy. It’s the most electric thing you can do at an event
The incident, which took place after the Chiefs’ win over the Ravens, divided opinion online, with some accusing Brittany of being rude and condescending, while others defended her act. After the Kansas City Chiefs secured a victory over the Baltimore Ravens, Brittany Mahomes, along with her husband Patrick Mahomes and his brother Jackson, were filmed walking back towards the lockerIt was during this walk that the now-infamous incident occurred.

In the video, Brittany can be heard asking a stadium employee, “Where do we go from here?” while simultaneously spinning her finger in a circular motion.

This seemingly innocent question and gesture sparked a heated debate among viewers.

As with any viral video, social media quickly became the battleground for differing opinions. Some viewers criticized Brittany for her perceived rudeness and condescension towards the stadium employee. Comments such as “Mahomes’ wife needs to get off her high horse” and “It’s the finger twirl for me” flooded the comment sections.

Others, however, came to Brittany’s defense, claiming that she did nothing wrong and that the incident was blown out of proportion. The debate raged on, with each side firmly entrenched in their beliefs. Brittany Mahomes Strikes Back

Unfazed by the criticism, Brittany Mahomes took to Instagram to address the controversy. In a post, she wrote, “I take rumors as a compliment. The fact that you’re bringing my name onto tables I don’t sit at shows your obsession. Stay bothered.”

With this response, Brittany displayed her resilience and refusal to let the negativity affect her.

One of the factors that contributed to the polarizing responses to the stadium incident was the preexisting divide among fans.

Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift, girlfriend of Chiefs’ player Travis Kelce, have become friends through their shared experiences of attending games and supporting their respective partners. This connection led to comparisons between the two women, with some fans expressing a preference for Taylor Swift’s demeanor over Brittany’s .via Getty
However, others defended Brittany, arguing that she simply asked a question and that the incident was blown out of proportion.

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For the athlete, it seems that his particular pair of underwear gives him a sense of comfort and continuity, contributing to his exceptional performance on the field.

“I clean ’em. I wash ’em. Every once in a while, at least,” he jokingly continued. “I mean, if we’re on a hot streak, I can’t wash ’em, you know? I’ve gotta just keep it rolling.”