NFL fans raise important question over viral footage of Patrick Mahomes’ gifts for Chiefs OL-“What did the WRs get?”

Patrick Mahomes is just the latest NFL quarterback to gift his offensive line an expensive Christmas gift. The reigning NFL MVP gave his linemen brand new, red golf carts as his token of appreciation during the holiday season.The golf carts were customized with each player’s name and jersey number on them. Mahomes also included the backup offensive linemen on his Christmas list, and not just the starting five. The quarterback, who is an avid golfer, also chose a golf-themed gift for his lineman last season. In 2022, he gifted them custom golf clubs, golf bags and golf balls.

Fans on social media were quick to get their jabs in on other Kansas City Chiefs players despite the thoughtful gesture from the quarterback. Fans asked where the wide receivers’ gifts were and what the quarterback had gifted them. A sarcastic question after the wide receivers have continued to struggle to make plays this season.

Chiefs’ Willie Gay Jr. jealous of Patrick Mahomes’ gift to o-line
The Kansas City Chiefs offensive line were surprised with custom golf carts waiting for them in the parking lot after practice this week. The players zoomed off and took laps around the property test, driving their new vehicles. Linebacker Willie Gay Jr. jumped into the passenger seat of rookie left tackle Wanya Morris’ golf cart.Gay’s Instagram live video quickly went viral as he was one of the first to debut Patrick Mahomes’ generous gift to his lineman. The players can be seen racing around the facility and even doing donuts. Throughout the video, Willie Gay Jr. continues to say that the offensive line is spoiled and that he likely won’t be getting anything like that for Christmas.Towards the end of the Instagram live clip, Gay declared that he was going to learn offensive line plays and learn to block Patrick Mahomes.
“Man, this is crazy. Y’all got golf carts. Does this thing have rims on it? O-line’s living good man, that’s crazy. Y’all spoiled, I’m gonna start getting some offensive plays and block. ”

Gay then told Morris that he didn’t even need a golf cart. He would gladly take a go-kart as a gift instead.