Patrick Mahomes becomes famous movie villains thanks to artificial intelligence

The Chiefs quarterback was transformed into some of the most iconic villains

Patrick Mahomes has seen himself become a villain in the past few days after the Chiefs game against the Buffalo Bills. The quarterback had a meltdown in the fourth quarter which was triggered by a controversial penalty on receiver Kadarius Toney.

Patrick Mahomes transformed into Disney villains thanks after his outburst in recent Chiefs game
The player’s frustration got the better of him and saw the scenes turn ugly after the referee ended the match. “Wildest f***ing call I’ve ever seen,” Mahomes told Allen, pushing him out of the way. “Offensive offsides, f***ing terrible.” he shouted in his fit of rage.

Mahomes has since apologized for his behavior, but his apology has failed to slow the flow of criticism both by pundits and social media users.

There have been all sorts of mixed reactions on social media, but there’s one that has particularly caught the eye of users: a thread of Mahomes as famous movie villains.

The post on X, which has received over 650 thousand views so far, contains AI generated images of the quarterback as famous bad guys like Cruella, Jafar, Maleficent, Hades, The Evil Queen, Joker and even a Sith Jedi.