Patrick Mahomes Calls Taylor Swift “Top Tier,” Says She’s Part Of The Chiefs

The Chiefs ar firmly pro-Swift it seems.

Patrick Mahomes has given high praise to Taylor Swift during an interview with CBS. The Chiefs QB called Swift “top tier” and said that Swift had quickly become part of the team after she began dating Travis Kelce. Furthermore, Mahomes said he’s enjoying seeing Swift bond with his wife Brittany. Swift and Kelce recently engaged in some pre-birthday shenanigans with the Mahomes. She and Kelce recently partied until 2am with the Mahomeses to celebrate Swift’s birthday early.

Last weekend, Swift was spotted getting a little foul-mouthed with the refs during the Chiefs’ game against the Patriots. The Chiefs ended a two-game skid with a 27-17 win over the hapless Patriots. However, there were so close calls and tight moments, leading to Swift’s animated reactions. Kansas City are next in action on Christmas Day when they host the Raiders. The Chiefs are 9-5 and have a two-game lead over the surging Denver Broncos, who are 7-7. The Chiefs have three games left on their schedule before the playoffs roll around.

Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Cause Baby Name Spike

Meanwhile, Taylor and Travis have become some of the most-searched names on, a representative for the website told TMZ. The team behind the site popular with expecting parents believes that Swift and Kelce’s romance has led to the unexpected spike in search’s popularity. According to’s internal data, searches for the pair of the names saw a 25% spike in November and December.

It’s not the first time a pop culture phenomenon has sparked a spike for the site this year. The hype around Barbie over the summer led to a wave of searches or the eponymous doll’s name. As for the meanings of everyone’s favorite music-sports crossover couple – Taylor is derived from tailor and thus means someone who works in that industry. Meanwhile, Travis cromes “crossing or tollgate” in Old English and likely derives from “traverse”. With the search terms up in popularity, expect many babies of 2024 to bear the name Taylor or Travis.