Patrick Mahomes faces unusual threat vs Dolphins: the player accused of grabbing Josh Allen’s private parts

Fans have caught onto Christian Wilkins’ strange behavior

ChiefsBrittany Mahomes involuntarily previews major struggle Patrick Mahomes will face in Chiefs vs Dolphins
Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen have a lot in common. The two fearless, gunslinging AFC quarterbacks have become faces of the NFL and led their teams to home playoff games this weekend.

However, there’s one particular experience that the Kansas City Chiefs QB will hope he doesn’t have to share with the Buffalo Bills star.

Wilkins accused of grabbing Allen inappropriately … again
The man who will be lined up nose-to-nose with Mahomes for the Miami Dolphins this week is Christian Wilkins. A dominant defensive tackle, Wilkins has generated a reputation for making questionable hits in sensitive areas.

It goes back to his time in college, when the former Clemson man was exposed for touching Ohio State’s Curtis Samuel in an inappropriate fashion below the belt after a play.

During his time in the NFL, Wilkins has had several run-ins with Josh Allen in their routine AFC East clashes. Last season, Allen spoke out on the Kyle Brandt’s Basement podcast about Wilkins doing things he “didn’t appreciate” at the bottom of the pile.

The beef resurfaced in last week’s winner-take-all matchup between Miami and Buffalo. Wilkins made what looked like the play of the game with an incredible strip sack of Allen early on, but the Bills came back and won to take the AFC East crown, hosting a home playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The lingering commentary afterward, however, was about a different play which circulated on social media. There is no clear view of Wilkins touching the quarterback, but he does something to draw a strong reaction from Allen, and fans used their imagination to fill in the rest.

Clearly, there’s a unique history between Wilkins and Allen, but Mahomes will be wary of the controversial Dolphins player on Saturday.