Patrick Mahomes’ Frustrating Raiders Loss Invites Brutal Take From ‘Blunt’ Pat McAfee

The gridiron situation hasn’t been quite favorable for Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. The Raiders took their revenge in a rematch game and left Mahomes and Co. flabbergasted. This has allowed for a lot of criticism and controversy to surround the team. From the signal caller who got angry and threw his helmet around in the past games to the TE Travis Kelce seeing red, frustration has surrounded the squad.

In fact, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that the Chiefs went from Super Bowl contenders to barely scraping to keep their position in no time. Amidst these tough times, the analyst Pat McAfee couldn’t help but make ‘blunt’ comments on the team’s current condition. After all, the 9-6 team was beaten by, arguably, one of the most turbulent teams of 2023 season.

Pat McAfee dissects the situation featuring Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City Chiefs

McAfee pointed out that from the outside the Chiefs look like a happy-go-lucky bunch with Taylor Swift on their side. This is especially true with Mahomes and Kelce being the dynamic duo. However, lately, things haven’t been going in their favor; especially on the field. To reiterate the same, the host mentioned how Mahomes was yelling at the O-Line players and Travis Kelce just thrashing his helmet out of frustration—both quite surprising situations.

Per McAfee, these reactions of the Mahomes and Kelece have been uncharacteristic. Stressing on how the QB is usually calm and collected and how the tight end is always smiling (even when getting a shot), McAfee highlighted the tense situation of the Chiefs. He, particularly remarked about how the 28-year-old has been seen losing his cool in the past couple of games.

“Patrick Mahomes now numerous times over the past couple of weeks during Chiefs’ season when football matters and they got to play their best football, loses his cool. It’s a cool Patrick Mahomes, not so cool anymore,” said McAfee of Patrick Mahomes and then pointed out how the game has affected Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes.

This probed a serious question from the analyst on the show, whether the Chiefs dynasty is facing a downfall. After all, the team that was regular at playoff games and Super Bowl appearances has been struggling to make a mark recently. In the centre of this disappointment has been their QB Mahomes, who has faced a lot criticism.

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The concerning issues for the Chiefs

More often than not, the NFL enthusiasts expect great things out of the team that won the Super Bowl last season. Alas! The things have been going downhill lately for them. The two star players Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce who are credited for the fame of the squad have recently suffered evidently on the field.

The consistency has been an issue for the Chiefs, per the QB and the coach. Additionally, the tight end who usually boasts great numbers hasn’t been able to reach 100 yards in past 8 games and has also not been able to accomplish a TD in last 5 matches. Thus, while their defense has been able to keep the storm under control, the offense has been lacking intensely.

However, as pointed out by many experts, it’s not all on the Chiefs. One has to give credit where it’s due and the Las Vegas Raiders in the last game were exceptional with their defense as they held back the home favorites Chiefs. Nonetheless, what’s your take on Magic Mahomes’ situation? Do you agree with McAfee?