Patrick Mahomes ‘Little Disappointed’ but Excited to Play for Chiefs on Christmas Day

The Chiefs’ star quarterback Patrick Mahomes has recently confronted a personal dilemma as Christmas approaches. His professional responsibilities, including a key game against the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas Day, clash with his deep commitment to family time. Mahomes along with his wife Brittany Mahomes can always be seen treasuring their family moments together, bringing a wave of ‘disappointment’ for this year’s Christmas.

The 2023 schedule limits his time with loved ones during the holidays. As the match was on Christmas morning itself, he shared his thoughts about the same. In his recent press conference, the honest and in-depth answer of the QB grabbed immediate attention from all around.

Patrick Mahomes reflects on balancing family time and football

In a recent interview, Patrick Mahomes opened up about the complexities of playing on Christmas morning. Just ahead of their game against the Raiders on Christmas morning, he shed some light on his mindset going into the game. He said, “I am excited, obviously a little disappointed that I don’t get to do the Christmas morning, when Santa comes with the kids.”

Despite his excitement for the game, there’s a hint of regret about missing the festive morning moments with his family. However, Mahomes remained optimistic, as he will be joining his family later in the day. He further reiterated the same, saying, “But I get that whole afternoon and in the evening.”

Mahomes also said, “So, to be able to play on Christmas day right after everybody wakes up, they get their gifts, they turn the TV on and they’re going to see the Chiefs play. It’s going to be extremely exciting and a great opportunity.” The team seems all set for the next game, however, from being the leading team in the AFC to dropping their record to 9-5, the Chiefs have been on a roller coaster of a season and would hope for a calming entry into the playoffs.

Chiefs eyeing AFC top Seed after victory over Patriots

In Week 15, the Chiefs’ season saw a significant turnaround. Despite a rough patch marked by two consecutive losses and Mahomes’ less-than-stellar performance, the team’s prospects brightened in the game against the Patriots as they grabbed a staggering victory. This included the interceptions in each game and the will to do better moving forward.

The Chiefs are displaying a formidable performance with their offensive play. Currently, they’re ranking fifth in passing yards per game at 267.0. That’s not a bad position to be in, especially with the kind of ups and downs they have faced. Their defense also showcases tenacity, achieving the third-highest number of sacks at 46. However, their points per game stand at 22.8, placing them tenth in the league and drawing out opinions of improvement.

The Chiefs secured a stunning 27-17 win against the Patriots. They won, even with Mahomes throwing two interceptions. It reflected on their efforts as a team and the drive to work toward a win despite being in tough spots. What do you think of the Chiefs’ performance? Let us know below.