PHILLY CHRISTMAS Donna Kelce reveals Christmas Day plans with ‘football family’ – but won’t be spending it with Travis or Taylor Swift

Donna Kelce has to choose a son to spend Christmas with this year

DONNA Kelce revealed she’ll be spending Christmas with her “football family.”

The problem is, both of her sons play football on Christmas across the country from eachother.

Donna Kelce had to choose a son to spend Christmas with

It appears she won’t be seeing Taylor Swift on Christmas

Travis and the Chiefs will be in Kansas City to take on the Raiders at 1:00 pm as the opening game of the Christmas slate.

Jason Kelce and the Eagles will be in Philadelphia to take on the Giants at 4:30 pm as the second game of the afternoon.

On Thursday, Donna made it known that she would be spending the holiday in Philadelphia to watch Jason and the Eagles.

“I will be in Philadelphia for Christmas, spending time with my grandkids as we cheer on their dad,” Donna told People.

“I understand that it’s part of the job. I embrace the holiday games and enjoy the special days with our football family.”

She’ll get in some extra family time with Jason, his wife Kylie, and their children Wyatt, 3, Elliotte, 2, and nine month old Bennett.

Donna said fans will have an opportunity to buy some of her chocolate chip cookies and meet her in an effort to raise money for the Eagles Autism Foundation and Operation Breakthrough.

“I may be popping by some of the cookie stands at Lincoln Financial Field, so I encourage people to stop by and say hello,” she said.

The Kelce’s dad, Ed, will likely be in attendance as well.

“Jason’s dad will usually be over because he’s just around the corner as long as he’s not in Kansas City,” Kylie Kelce told People.

“But Jason’s parents usually try to split the holidays to make sure that one parent is with one brother and one parent is with the other.”

By spending the holidays in Philadelphia that means Donna will be missing out on spending time with Travis’ new girlfriend Taylor Swift.

News broke on Thursday that Swift would be spending Christmas with Travis and that she will be attending his games on Christmas Day and New Years Eve.

Jason also plays on New Years Eve with his Eagles taking on the Cardinals.