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Ray J Believes His Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Is Responsible For The Creation Of OnlyFans



Whenever Shannon Sharpe drops a new episode of Club Shay Shay, people expect hilarious or controversial viral soundbites. Ray J provided that tenfold when he appeared on the show and discussed the influence of his sex tape with Kim Kardashian.

The NFL Hall Of Famer asked the 43-year-old singer about the impact of the lusty 2007 footage and, in true Ray J fashion, he took things in an unexpected direction. “How different would we all be?” the “One Wish” singer asked. “How different would this whole f**king thing be? How different would this industry be? Everything would be different. There might not be any OnlyFans and all the things like that. All the opportunities like that. Probably more people would be going to college.”

Despite feeling like he created a ripple effect in pop culture and the world, the Love & Hip Hop star pondered if his impact was positive. “Are we a part of the cure or [are] we a part of the disease?” he asked. “I don’t know. All I know is I’m trying to make it right.”


Shannon Sharpe took things a step further and asked Ray J if he was embarrassed by the tape. “Yes,” the McComb, Miss. artist said. “I have kids now. Everything I did now when we have kids is just totally different. The whole thing is wacky. With my kids it’s not ok.” Though the father of two often says outlandish things that make people laugh, his tone seemed earnest here.

His genuine tone also appeared when he spoke about Diddy and the video of him assaulting Cassie in 2016. “It’s not OK,” Ray J told The Art Of Dialogue. “When somebody is around somebody and we’re counting on them to be one of our leaders in a space that we’re all trying to get to, that’s not acceptable to do and it’s not OK.”

He claimed that he no longer respected the former REVOLT chairman and suggested one way he should be handled. “You cannot do that,” he said. “Not OK. It’s not cool. Period. [The video] was heartbreaking and shameful and unacceptable I’ve never seen nothing like that. I’ve never seen nothing like that in the history of my life, so that’s a new [one] for me. I don’t know what kind of demon you are, but somebody need to motherf**kin’ perform an exorcism fast.”

Ray J endured his own unfortunate matters of the heart earlier this year. In February, his estranged wife, Princess Love, announced that they were getting divorced after tying the knot in 2016. “It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of our decision to divorce,” she wrote on Instagram. “After much reflection, discussion, and counseling, we have come to the difficult realization that our paths have diverged, and it is in the best interest of both of us to part ways.”

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