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Shocking: Kim Kardashian Wants Billie Eilish to Help Her ‘Fight’ a ‘Battle’ Against Taylor Swift, Source Says



Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift are in an ongoing feud that’s lasted years. Here’s what a source said about Kardashian wanting Billie Eilish’s help.

Taylor Swift is the biggest pop star in the world in 2024, and she made history with “The Eras Tour.” Her journey hasn’t been easy, and she was involved in feuds with other huge names in the industry. Swift and Kim Kardashian have legendary drama, and a source alleges that Kardashian wants Billie Eilish to help her “fight” a “battle” against Swift. Here’s why.

Kim Kardashian allegedly wants Billie Eilish’s help in fighting a ‘battle’ against Taylor Swift

Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift’s feud goes back to 2016. Kardashian’s famous husband at the time, Kanye West, took a dig at Swift with his track “Famous.” He sang that he “made that b**** famous” regarding Swift. According to Kardashian, Swift knew that West planned to use those lyrics, but Swift maintained that she disapproved.

Kardashian then released video footage of Swift and West talking about the lyrics on the phone. However, Swift and her PR team noted that the footage never showed Swift and West discussing the questionable line in West’s song.

“Being falsely painted as a liar when I was never given the full story or played any part of the song is character assassination,” Swift said, according to People. In 2023, Swift said the feud felt like “career death.”

More recently, some Swift fans think Billie Eilish took a stab at Swift for Swift’s lengthy “Eras Tour” concerts. “I’m not doing a three-hour show; that’s literally psychotic,” Eilish said. “Nobody wants that. You guys don’t want that. I don’t want that. I don’t even want that as a fan. My favorite artist in the world, I’m not trying to hear them for three hours. That’s far too long.”

A source told Life & Style that Kardashian and Eilish “quietly” connected over their issues with Swift. “Kim and Billie have been quietly connecting for a while, she’s a huge fan of her music and got introduced to her through Justin Bieber,” the source said. “As soon as Kim heard about this dust-up with Taylor, she called Billie to offer support and commiserate.”

The source added that Kardashian wants Eilish to “fight” a “battle” against Swift with her. “Kim isn’t trying to pressure Billie or come on too strong, but she’s absolutely got a plan in the works and sees this whole situation as her ticket to getting the last laugh,” they alleged.
Taylor Swift slammed those who ‘talk s***’ before playing her Kim Kardashian diss track

Taylor Swift released a track on her 2024 album, The Tortured Poets Department, that fans think references her feud with Kim Kardashian. The track, titled “thanK you aIMee,” alludes to their years of fighting. Additionally, the song title has “KIM” capitalized.
During her “Eras Tour” stop in London in June 2024, she gave a speech shortly before playing the diss track.

“You clearly thought this was a good idea, [and] you wanted this to happen,” Swift said, according to a clip posted to X. “Blows me away. I’ll spend forever trying to thank you for that. On the other hand, it really makes me think about how every time someone talks s***, it just makes me work even harder, and it makes me even tougher. So, it also makes me incredibly thankful for those people.”

The media mogul allegedly wants the singer to ‘move on’

A source told People that Kim Kardashian wanted Taylor Swift to move forward after Swift released “thanK you aIMee.”

“She’s over it and thinks Taylor should move on,” the source told People. Kardashian “doesn’t get why [Swift] keeps harping on it. It’s been literally years.”

This is in opposition to what the other source alleged about Kardashian hoping to gain Billie Eilish’s favor. Fans must wait and see if Swift and Kardashian ever squash their beef.

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