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Sofia Vergara confirms the cause of her sudden divorce with actor Joe Manganiello



Sofia Vergara cited a few reasons for her separation with the actor Joe Manganiello. She first mention a few months ago about their differing views on having children, with Joe wanting kids and Sofia not wanting to be an older mother.

Additionally, she pointed to the toll her role as the Cocaine Godmother in the Netflix miniseries “Griselda” took on her. The intense nature of the role, where she portrayed the notorious drug dealer Griselda Blanco,left her exhausted and often sleeping in motels near the set, making it hard to relax and causing strain on their relationship.

During theNetflix FYSEE event, Sofia opened up about how the demanding role contributed to their divorce. She explained how the dark and violent scenes of the show were a stark contrast to her usual comedic roles, leaving her emotionally drained.”In comedy, you go home happy,” she said, “This is another thing.” The stress of the role and the lack of time spent at home made her realize the impact on her personal life. “I would go home, and then I’m like, and now what?” “I wasn’t around many people because I was working. I was like in every single scene, so I would go home… but now that I think about it, I got a divorce,” she said.

The divorce settlement revealed that both Vergara and Manganiello would keep their personal assets and waive any rights to spousal support, ensuring a clean financial break. Vergara has also humorously addressed her plans to “recycle” a tattoo she got as a tribute to her ex-husband, Joe Manganiello. The 51-year-old actress mentioned that the initial “J” conveniently matches her new boyfriend, orthopedic surgeon Justin Saliman, joking about her good fortune.

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