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Sofia Vergara Was ‘Worried’ About Looking ‘Horrific’ During ‘Griselda’ Sex Scenes



Sofía Vergara said she was worried about filming sex scenes for Netflix’s Griselda.

The Colombian actress, 51, played Griselda Blanco, one of Colombia’s most notorious drug queen pins for the limited series that premiered in January.

“I don’t think I’ve ever done, like, a sex scene,” said Vergara during a Netflix FYSEE event on Sunday, per Page Six, noting that she didn’t film any intimate scenes with her Modern Family co-star Ed O’Neill during the show’s run.

“I think I was worried that I was going to look horrific,” Vergara said of her sex scenes on Griselda. “I was like, ‘Where are they shooting me? The cellulite? From the side?’ Uh, I’m vain I guess. That one kept me awake, I think.”


However, she ultimately enjoyed working on the series and praised director Andrés Baiz for creating a comfortable environment on the set.

“It came out good. It’s really dark and Andy, the director, is very artistic and he made me feel super comfortable and he’s like, ‘We’re never going to stay like, a long time on you [the camera],’” she added.

The Barranquilla-native recently told Allure’s Dianna Mazzone Singh that she plans to fight aging with cosmetic surgeries.


“I feel like you have to take advantage of everything that is out there. I mean, if you care about aging,” Vergara told the magazine. “Nothing wrong if you don’t care about it. It’s not the end of the world. But if you do, now there’s so much stuff out there.”

“I feel like I’m going to do every plastic surgery that I can do when I’m ready,” she added. “I wish I had more downtime; I would’ve done stuff already. [But] because I’m in front of the camera, it’s not like I can do something and then sit in my house recuperating for weeks.”

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