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Springwatch star Chris Packham calls on Swifties to convince Taylor Swift to reduce her private jet use and carbon footprint by protesting at her concerts



Chris Packham has accused Taylor Swift of not using her ‘enormous power’ to help the environment, and called on her fans to convince her to stop using private jets.

The pop megastar, 34, has faced a lot of criticism over her use of private planes to fly around the world, including for stops on her Eras Tour or to visit boyfriend Travis Kelce, including a 12-hour flight from Tokyo to Las Vegas to watch the Super Bowl.

She has been slammed for the lavish travel habit due to her jet’s inevitable release of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, which are extremely harmful to the environment.

Taylor’s team has insisted that she loans her jet out, so not all trips are down to her and that she has bought double the amount carbon offsets to compensate her flights.

However, carbon offsets have been criticised, as their effectiveness varies hugely and several people have pointed out they are the ‘bare minimum’ for anyone to offset flights, meaning a billionaire like Taylor could be expect to have a high standard.

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