Taylor Swift is not to blame for Travis Kelce’s struggles or the Chiefs’ losses, Kansas City legend Christian Okoye insists after fan backlash: ‘She’s not on the field’

Travis Kelce’s performance has dipped and the Kansas City Chiefs have labored
Some NFL fans have rushed to blame Taylor Swift for the team’s recent struggles

Taylor Swift has ‘nothing to do’ with Travis Kelce’s performance or the Chiefs’ struggles this season, according to Kansas City legend Christian Okoye.

Some supporters have rushed to blame the pop sensation as the reigning Super Bowl champions have faltered over recent months.

The Chiefs have lost six games this season, including five of their previous eight before Sunday’s win over the Bengals. In that time, Swift has become a regular in the stands after her relationship with Kelce became public.

But Okoye, who spent five years in Kansas City, insists: ‘Taylor Swift is not on the field… she has nothing to do with how the team is doing’

He told TMZ before the Bengals win: ‘When you’re doing bad, people have to find excuses and they have to point fingers, especially those who don’t like the situation about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce… those people are pointing fingers and making it up right now. I have to tell you, they’re wrong.’

Travis Kelce’s performance has dipped over recent months as the Chiefs’ season has faltered

Kelce’s girlfriend Taylor Swift has become a regular in the stands at Kansas City games

Kelce’s numbers have dipped in recent months, with the tight end catching fewer passes and scoring fewer touchdowns. He hasn’t been found in the endzone since November 20.

But former running back Okoye believes that is a reflection of other team’s tactics, rather than any fault of Kelce himself.

‘Travis is playing like he always plays, and teams are just doubling up on him now knowing that our receivers are dropping the balls,’ he told TMZ.

‘So when you double up on him and (Patrick Mahomes) can’t get the ball to him, it’s a problem.’

Kelce averaged nearly eight receptions over the first seven games of this season. Over the previous eight, meanwhile, he averages fewer than five.

Against the Raiders on Christmas Day, Kelce’s frustrations boiled over – he slammed his helmet to the floor and clashed with coach Andy Reid.

But Okoye believes it is down to the tight end’s teammates to help him out.

‘Our receivers, the ones that we have now, if they can work a little harder and get open, maybe Mahomes can have an outlet… but right now, he is not having that outlet,’ he continued.

For a while, Kelce seemed to shine in front of his girlfriend, while head coach Reid said after one game in October: ‘Kelce is getting better with time… Taylor can stay around all she wants.’