Taylor Swift makes Travis Kelce cinnamon rolls as a pre-game snack for NFL games, reveals NFL legend Bernie Kosar – as he lifts the lid on meeting the star in October at the Chiefs star’s home

Bernie Kosar visited Travis Kelce’s mansion back in October before a game
And he was able to try Taylor Swift’s homemade cinnamon rolls

Bernie Kosar has revealed that Taylor Swift makes Travis Kelce cinnamon rolls as a pre-game snack, after the former quarterback was photographed with the pop star earlier this season.

Kosar was in Kansas City in October and stopped by Kelce’s house before the Chiefs took on the Chargers at home.

It was there that he crossed paths with Swift, and the ex-Browns passer has shared new details about his meeting with the singer, whose homemade pastries were apparently irresistible.

‘I was at [Kelce’s] house three hours before the game, we’re having pre-game meal and Taylor is so nice, she comes in by herself and she’s so cool,’ Kosar told Tobin & Leroy of 560 Sports WQAM.

‘She made her homemade cinnamon rolls for Travis for pre-game meal. I’m a juicer right now trying to be vegan and gluten free, but I absolutely had to sample some of that cinnamon roll on game day.’

Bernie Kosar posted pictures with Taylor Swift over the weekend

The pictures went viral on social media

Swift and Kelce have been publicly dating since the fall, with the singer going to several games

Swift showed off a picture of her cinnamon rolls to her fans in a 2020 Instagram post

Kosar posed for a pair of pictures with Swift and had nothing but kind things to say after their interaction.

‘Her genuine attention to people, in paying attention and consideration was just spectacular to watch,’ Kosar added. ‘You couldn’t have a better role model.’

Kosar later revealed that he was in Kansas City to support the Kelce Family and their ‘Operation Breakthrough’ charity.

Asked in October whether Swift was the most famous person he’s ever come in contact with, he instead chose to talk about the Browns’ superstar edge rusher Myles Garrett.

Swift has become a fixture at Chiefs games this season as she cheers on Kelce
‘To be in Kansas City and with Taylor Swift [but] be fixated on Myles Garrett and his athleticism probably debates some of my coolness right there…’ he said on the ‘The Ken Karman Show with Anthony Lima.’

‘I’m making people move so I can see the Browns game, instead of focusing on talking to Taylor Swift.’

Swift has gone on to attend several more of her boyfriend Kelce’s games, including last weekend’s win vs. the Patriots in New England.

She was joined by her father Scott at the game.