The ‘faces say it ALL!’ Brittany and Patrick Mahomes share relatable family Santa pics

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes, seen here at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl celebration in June, took their kids to visit Santa Claus and things went as expected.
Patrick and Brittany Mahomes, seen here at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl celebration in June, took their kids to visit Santa Claus and things went as expected. TAMMY LJUNGBLAD

Famous people. They’re just like us. Today’s reminder comes in the form of the holiday portraits Brittany and Patrick Mahomes took with their two small children and Santa Claus.

Brittany, co-owner of the Kansas City Current soccer team, posted two photos to her Instagram Friday of a meet-up that generations of parents will recognize.

And her followers are loving it, giving the pictures more than 50,000 likes in just a couple of hours.

The first one shows Brittany holding the couple’s 2-year-old daughter, Sterling, on her lap. The Chiefs quarterback held their 1-year-old son, Bronze, on his lap. Santa is in the middle.

Only the adults are smiling.

“OMG their faces,” wrote one Brittany follower.

Sterling, who by now knows exactly where the camera is, looked straight ahead with a tiny pout. Bronze, his head hidden under a white stocking cap with tiny ears, looked off to the side. At an elf? Rudolph?

In the second photo, both kids looked off to the side. At Mrs. Claus? A candy bribe?

“The most wonderful time of the year,” Brittany captioned the photo.

The Mahomes family portrait with Santa Claus, 2023. Instagram screengrab/Brittany Mahomes
No surprise, the kids’ expressions are generating the most comments.

“Sterling and Bronze did not disappoint … adorable family!!”

“Lol those babies are not so sure about Santa lol.”

“Santa more excited to meet the Mahomes family.”

“The children’s faces say it ALL! lol! Always funny to revisit these when they’re older…”

“Bombastic side eye” declared one commenter about Bronze.

Such a big word for such a little guy.

Sterling wasn’t all that keen on the guy in the red suit last year, either.

“We didn’t love Santa, but we didn’t scream!” Brittany wrote on the Santa portrait she posted last December.

Brittany, Sterling and Patrick Mahomes with Santa Claus in December 2022. Instagram screengrab/Brittany Mahomes
It’s been a big year for the Mahomes’ children in front of the cameras. With mom and his older sister, Bronze now shows up on the sidelines before games to wish dad luck, cameras always nearby.

They’ve both been photographed with mom and her new NFL bestie, Taylor Swift, at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium.

And the undeniably photogenic family was tapped to star in a holiday campaign for Kim Kardashian’s brand SKIMS that debuted last month.

They wore matching red-and-black plaid loungewear as they modeled for ads themed “family togetherness and family fun.”

“This is our first campaign as a family, and shooting for SKIMS all together was an awesome moment,” the MVP quarterback said in press materials.

The kids also show up frequently in their mom’s Instagram stories. Just this week she showed the family on a party bus with friends, including several kids, as they rode around Kansas City looking at Christmas lights.

When one commenter, who apparently doesn’t have children, noted how the kids didn’t look happy in the Santa pic, the parents on Mahomes’ Instagram set them straight.

“A lot of kids don’t with Santa,” wrote one.

”That’s what makes them such great pics,” wrote another.

Hey, at least the Mahomes children, pros that they are, didn’t cry.