The Miz wants to see Travis and Jason Kelce in WWE: I’m always sending DMs

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Could Travis and Jason Kelce swap the NFL for the WWE in a tag-team partnership? Legendary wrestler, The Miz, gave it his own green light.

The Kelce’s have the right profile for the entertainment show, being relatively young, large men who have spent decades training to be professional athletes, so perhaps it could be an option for them to continue cashing in on their youth when their NFL days are over.

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“I’m always sending like DMs to Travis being like, ‘Hey you’d be pretty good in the ring, I think you could do pretty well.'”, The Miz said to TMZ. “Never say Never.

‘Maybe he retires after this year and then what better way to go out than with a match at WrestleMania?”

WrestleMania in particular has been mentioned, as in 2024 it heads to the Lincoln Financial Field, the home of the Philadelphia Eagles, who Jason plays for.

The Miz said he already pitched the idea to the pair, who have reportedly not ruled it out as a good idea. The trio are all good friends as they hail from the same part of Ohio.

Travis Kelce’s passion for WWE has made appearances but perhaps most notably when he sported a WWE Championship belt after winning the 2020 Super Bowl. He also paid tribute to WWE legend The Rock by using one of his iconic phrases, “Know your role, and shut your mouth!”

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Several NFL players have transitioned to WWE, seeking new athletic challenges and entertainment opportunities.

This crossover has seen athletes like Rob Gronkowski, the former Patriots tight end, make appearances in WWE events. He even won the 24/7 Championship. Additionally, Riddick Moss, a former NFL practice squad member, made a switch to WWE and found success as a wrestler.

These transitions showcase the allure of professional wrestling for athletes seeking diverse career paths beyond traditional sport.