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Travis Kelce Discusses Super Bowl Wins, Taylor Swift Relationship, Acting, Joe Biden…



Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce sat down with ABC News’ Will Reeve for a “Good Morning America” interview that aired Thursday and discussed a host of topics, including his gratitude for his Super Bowl-winning success, his relationship with Taylor Swift, his foray into acting and his interaction with President Joe Biden at his team’s Super Bowl celebration at the White House.

Kelce is now a three-time Super Bowl winner after the Chiefs took down the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 in overtime last February. The 34-year-old noted how grateful he is for everything in his life (h/t

“I’m so fortunate and so grateful [for] everything that’s come my way in life. I feel like I’m on top of the mountain, even after winning’ the Super Bowl and having’ the off-season that I’m having. And just looking forward to what’s next in life, man…I’m so grateful. So appreciative. And yeah. Livin’ the dream, baby.”

Kelce’s found great success on the field, and off the field, he’s now been dating Taylor Swift since at least September 2023.

“I can’t really say that I had that much of a vision on where I was gonna be, especially off the field,” he said. “So I don’t think I could even fathom where I’m at right now in life.”

Kelce has also turned to acting. He gave that a shot (and did well) hosting Saturday Night Live in March 2023, but now he’s been cast in Ryan Murphy’s FX horror series, “Grotesquerie.”

On that front, Kelce said, in part:

“I feel like an amateur right now, but it’s definitely a fun challenge, and I’m enjoying every bit of it, for sure… I’m coachable. That’s one thing I know from being in sports, I am a coachable guy. It’s just been awesome… Everybody involved in terms of the actors and the directors and the writers have just helped me out so much, understanding what I’m supposed to be doing. And I’m just havin’ fun with it.”

In the midst of everything going on, Kelce also made a stop at the White House alongside the Chiefs for their Super Bowl celebration.

Last time they were there in 2023, Kelce stepped up to the podium, presumably without permission, before teammate Patrick Mahomes intercepted him.

This time around, Kelce got an invite to the dais from President Biden.

“President [Joe] Biden called me up this time,” Kelce said. “I didn’t have to sneak around him to get to it…It was cool. You know, I had no idea he was gonna do that. He kinda just sprung it on me. And it was real.”

“It was real. All the Secret Service guys that were there made sure to let me know that, you know…they got orders to keep me away from the podium unless asked…I was like, ‘Yeah.’… I felt all the Taser guns on me when I walked up there,” he added as he laughed.

Ultimately, it’s been a great and eventful offseason for Kelce, but he’s also focused on more success on the field. He’s now the owner of a new two-year, $34.25 million contract that keeps him in town through 2025, and he’s looking to bring the Chiefs a fourth Super Bowl in 2024:

“I’m so in the present, man. Just being present during the now is something I really pride myself on. And I try not to get too far down the road because you just never know what opportunities are gonna present themselves. So I know I got a 2024 football season coming up that I’m pretty fired up about.”

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