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Travis Kelce does not hold back on Taylor Swift relationship…



When Kansas City Chiefs superstar tight end Travis Kelce began dating Taylor Swift, it obviously changed his life as he suddenly had a lot more attention, a much bigger spotlight on him, and faced a lot more pressure. But it sounds like he is embracing all of it and is extremely happy with how his life has changed since he began dating the pop star.

During an interview with Good Morning America on Thursday, Travis Kelce did not hold back on how he feels about how much his life has changed since he began dating Taylor Swift.

When he was asked to rate his happiness with his life on a scale of 1-10, Kelce offered a pretty bold response: “20? 100?”

“I’m so fortunate, so grateful of everything that come my way in life,” Kelce said according . “I feel like I’m on top of the mountain, even after winning the Super Bowl and having the off-season that I’m having.

“Living the dream, baby.”

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