Travis Kelce hilariously reveals his mom Donna put him on a LEASH as a child: ‘She eventually got p****d and sick of us getting lost’

Travis said he would drag his parents across amusement parks while screaming
His brother, Jason Kelce, said that he didn’t remember getting put in a leash

On the latest episode of his ‘New Heights’ podcast, Travis Kelce revealed that his parents used to put him on a leash when he was younger.

The star Kansas City Chiefs tight end said that his rambunctious behavior as a youngster led to his mother, Donna, finally giving in and making sure he couldn’t run off.

‘She eventually got p****d and sick of us getting lost, and she put me in a leash,’ Travis told his brother Jason.

‘It was a harness. You put it around your shoulders, you’d connect it twice. I was a leash kid.’

Travis joked that he remembered ‘Just dragging my parents across the entire amusement park [screaming] “Let me go!”‘

Travis Kelce says his mother, Donna, put him on a leash as a child to stop him from getting lost

Travis (R) recalled that he would drag his parents ‘across the amusement park’ in the harness

This was all before Donna became the most famous mom in football in this past year

Jason said that he wasn’t a victim of the leash: ‘I don’t remember that. I missed out on the leash, man.’

It was one of Donna’s parenting tactics – ones she used long before she became the most famous mother in football.

Donna shot to fame in the run up to Super Bowl LVII – when she became the first mother in league history to have sons face each other in the NFL’s biggest game.

Since then, Donna has been seen on television shows like the Today show and Saturday Night Live.

She’s also now been seen alongside Travis’s new girlfriend, Taylor Swift, whenever the pop star decides to watch Chiefs games.