Travis Kelce hits back at media amidst Chiefs slump

Kansas City moved to 8-5 after Sunday’s home defeat to the Buffalo Bills

Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs find themselves in an uncharacteristic position this season, marked by a level of vulnerability not witnessed during the Patrick Mahomes era.

With five losses on their record, surpassing the total from the previous season, the Chiefs are grappling with a departure from their usual dominance, which could see them be forced tom play a road play-off game for the first time since Patrick Mahomes became the starting QB.

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The team’s recent defeat, marred by a perplexing mistake on the line of scrimmage, left a bitter taste. However, despite the setbacks, Kelce remains resolute in his belief that the Chiefs are not in freefall and will prove doubters wrong.

“In my view, our defense has been giving their all throughout the year. We [offense] haven’t been rolling like we used to, and there’s a lot of media pointing fingers at our skill players. I say fu*k that, and excuse my language,” he explained on the New Heights Podcast.

Admitting the presence of penalties and turnovers at critical junctures, Kelce refused to place blame solely on specific players. According to the star tight end, the wounds inflicted on the team, resulting in their five losses, are self-inflicted but reparable.

“It’s a group effort. And when you turn the film on, what’s real is that we got guys that can play this game. And we got guys that we can have success with and win with and win championships with. I know it. I’ve been on championship caliber teams,” he added.

Will the Chiefs be able to bounce back?
The narrative surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs has shifted this season. No longer the league-leading force they once were, they grapple with an unexpectedly lackluster offense, despite the presence of Mahomes and Kelce. Seeing Tyreek Hill doing so well in Miami has to be hurting them.

Nevertheless, Kelce sees the ongoing criticism as a source of motivation for the struggling squad, and he vowed to prove the media wrong in the remainder of the campaign.

“All the chatter in the media about who the Chiefs are is only fueling the fire we’ve been trying to ignite this entire year. It’s pushing us to improve, learn from these experiences, and grow stronger through challenging games,” he concluded.