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Travis Kelce Jokes About How the Secret Service Seemed to Be Watching Him While He Was at the White House



Travis Kelce‘s year was filled with several highlights, including a romantic relationship with a well-known pop artist, his team’s second straight Super Bowl victory, the highest league contract upgrade, and another trip to the White House. But in the middle of the festivities, the Chiefs tight end discovered that an unexpected ally—the Secret Service—was focusing all of his attention.


Travis Kelce entertained the audience with anecdotes from his visit to the White House during a recent interview on “Good Morning America.” He talked on a variety of subjects, such as his friendship with worldwide pop sensation Taylor Swift and his work with his brother Jason Kelce.

But the funniest tale sprang from his brief moment at the stage that night. Kelce said,

“Yet again, all the Secret Service guys that were there made sure to let me know that they got orders to keep me away from the podium unless asked so.”

Travis Kelce takes pride in his easygoing attitude, even in potentially stressful circumstances. The Secret Service was watching closely, but Kelce handled things classy, finally sharing a funny moment with President Joe Biden and posing for pictures wearing a Chiefs jersey. Nevertheless, notwithstanding the justification, his speech and his trip to the White House should be discussed.

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