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Travis Kelce Makes Fun Of His Brother Jason’s ‘Neanderthal’ Style….



Travis Kelce joked about him and Jason Kelce possessing contrasting clothing sensibilities

During an interview on ABC’s Good Morning America, Travis said he was motivated to start the New Heights podcast to illuminate his bond with Jason. He felt fans hadn’t previously noted any commonalities between the brothers beyond their last name.

Travis explained the siblings’ differences by poking fun at Jason’s limited fashion interest.

“He’s like the Neanderthal that wears flip-flops in the winter and doesn’t really care what he looks like,” Travis said. “And I like to throw on fashionable stuff and have fun.”

Travis takes his appearance seriously as an A-list celebrity on and off the gridiron. Jason, on the other hand, has carved out his own niche as more of an everyman.

The recently retired center chugged beers shirtless in the stands while watching the Kansas City Chiefs defeat the Buffalo Bills in the playoffs. Jason later wore a luchador mask while celebrating his brother’s Super Bowl triumph in Las Vegas.

Chances are Jason won’t be too mad about being called a Neanderthal. After all, he recently challenged “Big Soap” when deeming it unnecessary to wash body parts beyond “hot spots.”

Playful dig aside, Travis expressed pride in enjoying New Heights‘ growing success alongside Jason. He said the podcast has shown fans “how close we are as brothers.”

“I couldn’t have even imagined it getting to the point it is today,” Travis said. “I’m so fortunate that everybody kind of latched on to me and my brother’s family dynamic.”




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