Travis Kelce trolls Chiefs teammate Isiah Pacheco for running style with hilarious cartoon comparison

Travis and Jason kelce return for the first episode of New Heights for 2023

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Do not despair! The short wait is finally over. The Kelce brothers are back with the first episode of their New Heights podcast of 2024. The NFL stars were in especially high spirits, which may have been helped by the Chiefs recent positive result against the Bengals on New Years Eve which, after a disappointing run of form, was one they desperately needed.

After some festive discussion, the two got onto the topic of football. In fact, this time around it was Kele’s teammate Isiah Pacheco that came up in conversation. It was actually Jason that sparked the light-hearted trolling of his brother’s teammate.

Travis Kelce hilariously trolls teammate Isiah Pacheco’s running style

‘Everybody noticed how mad Pacheco runs,’ began the Philadelphia Eagles star as he read out tweets from fans on X. Travis decided to go with it: “Angry runs, baby,” he said before Jason chipped in with “Pacheco runs like he bites people”.

The two continued to read through tweets about the player’s running style. “I feel like if Mike Tyson was a running back, he would run like Isiah Pacheco,” and “Pacheco runs like a little kid testing out new shoes in a store,” were some of the other more humorous comments.

The brothers finished up the conversation by comparing Pacheco’s stance with cartoon characters. “Pacheco runs like a cartoon character,” remarked Jason, to which Travis replied: “He’s got a little Tasmanian devil on his step.” They weren’t the only ones to liken him to a cartoon- one user online even said he looked like Super Mario when running.