Travis Kelce’s Sister-in-Law Kylie Kelce Subtly Teases Him About Taylor Swift While Making This Request

The wife of Jason Kelce appeared on the brothers’ ‘New Heights’ podcast on Friday.
Kylie Kelce has no problem using her brother-in-law Travis Kelce’s romance with Taylor Swift to her advantage. The wife of Travis’ older brother, Jason Kelce, appeared on the brothers’ special family holiday episode of their New Heights podcast on Friday, where she talked about the new pet she’s been wanting.

“I told Jason that I want a cat, and he told me no. And I feel like… you might like cats now,” Kylie said to Travis, with some pointed pauses.

Swifties know that Taylor is the proud owner of three cats — Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
Tammy Ljungblad/Kansas City Star/Tribune News Service via Getty Images
Of course, Travis was immediately on board with helping his sister-in-law secure her new pet.

“What color? What color should I do?” Travis asked her.

“I don’t want you to send a cat. I just want you to get on my team here,” Kylie clarified.

The request was an about face for Kylie, who shared that she had a strict rule against Travis getting their family “anything with a heartbeat.”

In fact, Kylie said that if Travis does give them a pet she will retaliate with “a full petting zoo on your front lawn.”

Kylie and Jason are parents to young daughters Wyatt, Elliotte, and Bennett.

In addition to teasing Travis about his new affinity for cats, Kylie also gave Taylor’s brother, Austin Swift, a shoutout for attending Travis’ Christmas Day game with the Kansas City Chiefs in a Santa suit.

“That was a full commit, and I respect that,” Kylie said of Austin’s festive game day attire.

Back in November, Kylie shut down rumors that she was avoiding “the Taylor Swift spotlight,” after she gave an interview about not liking attention.

“Go watch that interview,” she urged her followers on TikTok. “I said it’s not my cup of tea to be, like, have attention on me.”

She continued, pointing at the headline, “I didn’t say that. That seems like a stretch to me. You are reachin’, you’re reachin’, you’re reachin’.”