“We are here for Taylor Swift. and emotional moment between Taylor swift and a fans at the kansas city.


Yes, there is a football game today.

But let’s be honest: We are here for Taylor Swift. And we aren’t going to pretend otherwise. This is your safe space where we will talk all things Taylor. That way you can eat snacks and watch the game with us.



We’ll tell you who is in her suite – her mom and Travis Kelce’s mom! Blake Lively, Ice Spice, Jason Kelce and more! And what’s she’s wearing – a cool pair of $695 jeans from AREA and a satin jacket from Erin Andrew’s WEAR line.

Bryan West, our full-time Taylor Swift reporter is watching from Melbourne where he just landed after a few days in Tokyo following the opening of the 2024 Eras Tour! We also have Swiftie (and sports reporter and he’s OK sharing that!) Austin Curtright and a whole team in Las Vegas.

Taylor isn’t at the Puppy Bowl, yet she has a presence

Taylor didn’t make it to the Puppy Bowl, the ultimate sports event for those who consider puppies the MVP, but her doppelganger did. Cutting away from the action on the field, Taylor Sniffed and Travis Klawce were featured in the stands, enjoying the action.