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What’s going on?” fans spot Taylor Swift with Sweaty rain hair and dark looking lipstick during the midnights set



She may know the dance moves all too well, but even Taylor Swift makes mistakes.

Swift’s grand return to her Eras Tour in Tokyo on Wednesday didn’t go quite as planned after the singer nearly fell off her chair during one of her songs.

In a video, which has since gone viral, Swift, 34, can be seen looking wide-eyed after she appeared to misjudge the position of a chair on stage as she belted her tune “Vigilante S—t.”
The four-time Album of the Year Grammy winner can be seen trying to steady herself and looking worried before quickly regaining her balance.

I JUST KNOW ALL 34 YEARS OF HER LIFE FLASHED BEFORE HER EYES IN 0.13 SECONDS,” one X (formerly Twitter) user wrote as the video’s caption.

Several X users also expressed their stun at the “Anti-Hero” songstress’ brief blunder.

“The leg strength she’s got that she saved herself from falling off is insane bc I would have been ass first on the ground,” one user commented.

“I would have not recovered the way she did,” a second person admitted.

“Imagine if there was no chair,” a third person posted.

Other eagle-eyed Swifties were quick to point out that the choreography of the song looked different from when Swift toured the US last year.

“Either miss girl changed the choreo or she forgot,” a user added. “I don’t mean this in a mean way obviously, s–t happens.”

Swift’s three-hour set has brought in a whopping $1 billion with more than $4 million tickets sold across 60 tour dates. Nevertheless, some mishaps are bound to happen.

She had a wardrobe malfunction in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in November, which left her walking like a Barbie.

The singer of “Bad Blood” is seen in a video uploaded to X trying her hardest to mimic the gait of “Barbie” lead Margot Robbie. Robbie, 33, gained a lot of online notoriety after a teaser for the film showed her walking on the balls of her feet.

The third song on her set list, “The Man,” is when the incident happened. She seemed to toss her heel into the crowd after fiddling with it.

The singer also hurt her hand during a performance in Houston, Texas, but she persevered.

“For those asking how I cut my hand, I’m totally fine and it was my fault completely — tripped on my dress hem and fell in the dark backstage while running to a quick change — braced my fall with my palm,” Swift later wrote on X in April 2023.

Oh, delicious,” the pop star quipped. “Is there any chance that none of you saw that?”

That same night, Swift’s microphone stopped working, prompting technicians at Soldier Field to rush on stage to give her a new one

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