Why Taylor Swift May Not Attend the Super Bowl Even If Travis Kelce Plays

'Viewing figures have been up all year thanks to Swifties

The ‘Cruel Summer’ singer has been a regular fixture at the Kansas City Chiefs player’s games.

In the event that Travis Kelce’s team makes it to the Super Bowl again this year, there’s a possibility his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, won’t be around to cheer him on from the stands.

Super Bowl LVIII is still a month away, and a lot has to go right for the Kansas City Chiefs in the coming weeks if they’re going to make it to that final game on February 11. But the team’s Super Bowl wins in 2019 and 2022, as well as the recent victories that propelled them into the NFL playoffs this season, indicate they have a fair shot.

Whether the Chiefs make it that far or not, it’s unclear if Swift will be in the country when the top two teams face off. The next international leg of her Eras Tour kicks off in Japan on February 7 with four back-to-back dates at the Tokyo Dome. The last in that string of Tokyo concerts is the night before the Super Bowl.

It’s possible Swift could hop on a flight right after closing out her February 10 concert and head directly to Allegiant Stadium, the Las Vegas home of Super Bowl LVIII. Doing so would involve a flight lasting 13 hours or more—an exhausting prospect, but not impossible given that Tokyo is 17 hours ahead of Las Vegas and the game isn’t scheduled to start until 6:30 p.m. ET.

Swift has been spotted at several Chiefs games in the months since her relationship with the team’s tight end became public. Some football fans have criticized Swift for the attention she’s drawn through her game-day presence, a factor emphasized for TV audiences whenever cameras pan over to Swift cheering Kelce on in the stands.

The NFL’s cutaways were the subject of a joke that Golden Globes host Jo Koy made during his opening monologue at the awards show earlier this week, a comment he has since walked back following backlash from Swift’s fans.

Despite the criticism from some in the NFL community, the Chiefs appear to have embraced Swift’s presence at their games and her relationship with Kelce, as demonstrated in a postseason teaser video filled with references to Swift’s songs.