With Travis & Jason Announcing A Kelce Family Special, Will Taylor Swift Make Her New Heights Debut?

Something special is coming up for the 92-percenters! On the latest episode of the New Heights Podcast, the Kelce duo made a special announcement that is set to get their fans excited. Christmas may be over, but the two brothers are still not done with giving out their presents. So, what could be this special present?

Kelce family special!
Speaking on the podcast, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce, announced that on the coming Friday, a special guest will also be joining them on the podcast. Although he did not reveal who it could be, he let slip that it would be a member of the family. With the “Swift” pace that the Travis-Taylor relationship is progressing and Swift spending time with Kelce at his new $6 million mansion, many fans are wondering if the special guest is going to be Taylor Swift.