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Taylor Swift is finally back in the States and reportedly ready to spend the rest of the holidays with her boyfriend Travis Kelce.

US Weekly cites sources as saying the singer landed in Kansas City Monday — just a day after her last show in São Paulo wrapped Sunday. Remember, she had to rearrange her Thanksgiving plans … and wasn’t able to be with him over the past week or so.

re to support him. "Taylor swift in NFL camp after winning the Grammy award


The reason everything got switched around is because of a makeup show she did last Monday in Rio de Janeiro — this after canceling that Saturday show due to extreme heat … not to mention the death of one of her fans.

As a result, she ended up staying in Rio for an extra day … which torpedoed any hope of flying back to see Travis before the next string of shows down in the country. In the end, it seems they decided to spend Thanksgiving apart — visibly so for TK here in Kansas City.

TMZ broke the story … the dude was seen driving around town solo last Thursday.

We already told you Taylor and Travis had plans to spend Christmas together — and now, they’re pretty much home free … ’cause she doesn’t have any more concerts until her “Eras” tour picks back up February, when she’ll fly to Tokyo.