Cameras catch Patrick Mahomes chewing out Chiefs offensive linemen on sideline

Patrick Mahomes lit a fire under the Chiefs’ offensive line.

Given how Monday’s game against the Raiders started, it looked like most Chiefs players were up late putting together toys or wrapping presents.

The Chiefs’ first three drives against the Raiders on Christmas Day resulted in one first down (on a penalty) and negative-10 yards of total offense.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes was none-too-pleased with how things had started, and he didn’t quietly stew about it. No, CBS Sports’ cameras showed Mahomes on the sideline chewing out the offensive linemen.

We’ve seen Mahomes yelling this season more than ever, and this time the offensive linemen were the target of his ire. Here is video of the moment from CBS.

The, um, pep talk seemed to work as the Chiefs’ offense looked more like itself after the screaming. They drove 74 yards in 10 plays and scored a touchdown on this great trick play.