Patrick Mahomes makes back-to-back mistakes to gift the Raiders two defensive touchdowns in an NFL-record SEVEN SECONDS against the Chiefs

On a day that held such promise for the Kansas City Chiefs, quarterback Patrick Mahomes has had a disastrous outing against the Las Vegas Raiders.

The first play after a punt, Mahomes attempted to receive a handoff after a direct snap to running back Isaiah Pacheco.

Mahomes struggled with the transition and the ball was fumbled, leading to a recovery by the Raiders defense – who scooped it up and ran it into the end zone for a touchdown to take a 9-7 lead.

The very next play for the Chiefs, Mahomes made yet another unforced error.

He threw a telegraphed, underpowered pass right into the hands of Raiders cornerback Jack Jones – who went untouched into the end zone to extend the Chiefs’ suffering to a 17-7 scoreline.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes committed two unforced errors against the Raiders

Mahomes bobbled the football after a direct snap to Isaiah Pacheco, leading to a Raiders TD

Then Mahomes tossed an interception to Jack Jones – who stared him down into the end zone