Chiefs’ Travis Kelce makes an important announcement on the Taylor Swift saga

Travis Kelce opened up about the Taylor Swift saga on this week’s episode of his podcast, the New Heights Show, which at one point had over 90 thousand live viewers during its premiere on YouTube. That’s the Swiftie effect.

After all, Taylor Swift fans took over the live chat comment section to listen to Travis talk about what happened on Sunday when the iconic artist pulled up to Arrowhead to watch the Kansas City Chiefs dominate the Chicago Bears.

Travis delivered on the hype, revealing he was now dealing with Paparazzis outside of his home even dropping some references to the delight of the thousands of Swifties watching. Among them was him saying they “just slid off on the getaway car in the end.”

But one of the most important comments made by Travis on the segment was an announcement of how much information he’ll be putting out moving forward: Pretty much none.

“It is my personal life,” Kelce said. “And I want to respect both of our lives, (Taylor) is not in the media as much as I am doing this show every single week and having fun in the NFL season in other guys’ shows like (The Pat) McAfee Show and any other show that I go on. (…) Everything moving forward, I think me talking about sports and saying ‘alright now’ will have to be where I keep it.”

Swifties will love the news as it’s a show of respect for Taylor, which she deserves. It sounds like the Kelce-Swift updates will have to come from insiders moving forward.

As for NFL fans who are not into all of the Swift content (boo, have some fun), they will probably be able to rest easy knowing there won’t be as much Love Story news hitting the wire every day.

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