Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes’End of the Year Amazing Pregnancy Announcement

It didn’t take long for Patrick Mahomes to become the face of the NFL, and he is cementing his legacy as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Mahomes has also turned into a massive celebrity, along with his wife, Brittany.

The power couple has no problems sharing their personal lives with fans on social media and beyond, and it’s usually Brittany that is doing the most posting. Brittany spends a lot of time at home with the kids, and she is always updating fans on their daily routines, especially when it comes to their children.

Patrick and Brittany spent a ton of time together this summer, and many are wondering if that time together is going to lead to another baby announcement. You can actually bet on Patrick Mahomes and Brittany pregnancy futures, and this is a unique way to cash in on a bet.

The Betting Odds
It’s important to note when looking at the Patrick Mahomes and Brittany pregnancy futures that the odds are only going to be open through 2023. If a pregnancy announcement doesn’t come before that time, then the wager is not going to count.

When looking to bet on entertainment, you should always be looking for the most value as possible, and that would be betting on a pregnancy announcement in this case.

According to the odds, the chances of a pregnancy announcement coming before the end of the year are +150.

It would appear that the couple doesn’t really have time for another child at this stage of their lives, and that’s why the betting odds for that are set at -200. That doesn’t mean that Brittany announce news updates won’t shock fans moving forward, but the current odds suggest that there won’t be another baby coming anytime soon.

Other Ways to Bet on the Couple
While Patrick Mahomes and Brittany pregnancy futures are clearly the hot topic at this time, there have been some other rumors surrounding this couple. It’s hard to know where the rumors are truly coming from, and it’s never easy to know what to believe.

It’s not hard to find Patrick Mahomes news when it’s related to football, but this couple always tends to be in the tabloids for other topics as well. Many have suggested that a divorce was coming for Patrick and Brittany at some point, and some think that the social media presence is a way to cover up some issues.

Currently, the betting odds are at -2000 for Patrick and Brittany to announce a split before the end of 2023, and those odds might be changed again once the NFL season starts. Patrick won’t want any extra drama surrounding him once the Chiefs begin their title defense.

If you don’t believe that this couple is truly happy, then you can bet on them to announce a divorce before the end of the year, and the odds are set at +750. That would come with a pretty nice payout, but it would also come with some damage to the Mahomes couple and their children.

Decoding the Hints
There have been other rumors that the Mahomes couple have been in an open relationship for years, but that has never been confirmed either. Brittany has shrugged off those rumors with some cryptic posts on Instagram, but that doesn’t mean that people haven’t figured them out.

If you believe that Patrick and Brittany will announce an open polyamorous relationship before the end of 2023, then here are the odds that you will be looking at:

Confirm +500
Deny +400
Neither -500
There are so many different ways to bet on the Mahomes couple, and new betting options can always emerge as more rumors or stories leak out.