Donna Kelce’s Latest Praise of Travis Kelce Confirms He & Taylor Swift Have the Same Cool Aunt/Uncle Energy

Donna Kelce just subtly confirmed that Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are a match made in heaven — as if that couldn’t already be gleaned from their fairytale romance.

During a recent conversation with People, the NFL’s favorite mom praised her youngest son for being the ultimate girl uncle. “Uncle Travis is a very animated person around the girls,” Donna said of his relationship with brother Jason Kelce‘s daughters Wyatt, 4, Elliotte, 2, and Bennett, 10 months. “He talks to them, gives them quality undivided attention, and plays with them on their level with humor and amazing excitement.”

Visions of the professional football player wearing a tutu at a tiny tea table with three little girls have us absolutely swooning, and we have a strong feeling we aren’t alone! In fact, we imagine Travis’ award-winning girlfriend is constantly a puddle of mush from his sweet girl uncle status — and the duo can certainly relate to loving littles in their circles, considering Swift’s reputation as “cool aunt” to her celeb friends’ kids.

The “Midnight Rain” singer is known as “Aunt Taylor” to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ four kids, and she’s made countless thoughtful gestures to other celebrity kids during her Eras tour performances. Swift surprised Alicia Keys’ son Genesis with a handwritten note at one of her shows, and she embraced Vanessa Bryant’s daughter Bianka at another concert before giving the little girl the hat she was wearing. These are just a few of the musician’s “cool aunt” moments — some would say she’s in her auntie era!

While Travis Kelce may be a superstar on the football field, his most cherished role appears to be that of a loving “girl uncle.”

— SheKnows (@SheKnows) October 12, 2023
Donna isn’t the only Kelce who has sung Travis’ praises when it comes to his dedication to being a top-tier uncle. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end’s sister-in-law, Kylie Kelce, has also opened up about how much she appreciates the effort Travis puts in with her three daughters.

During a conversation with People earlier this year, Kylie said, “Our oldest, she’s our boss. She’s our ring leader, and she just has demand after demand for him. And I’m like, ‘Trav, you know you can tell Wyatt no?’”

“He was like ‘Yeah, I don’t think I can,’” Kylie continued. “And so he will do it. She’ll be like, ‘Jump up and down.’ He’ll do it. ‘Roll on the floor;’ he’ll do it. ‘Be the pony.’ He’ll do it. So he’s all-in when it comes to being an uncle. He is the epitome of an uncle, just through and through,” she gushed.