Fans Send Travis Kelce Love As He Addresses Throwing Helmet During Christmas Day Game

Travis admitted he lost his cool during the challenging football game.

During the Christmas football games, the Kelce brothers won one and lost one, with Jason Kelce taking home a win for the Philadelphia Eagles while Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs struggled, eventually losing to the Las Vegas Raiders.

While looking back on the game during the newest episode of their podcast, New Heights, Travis reflected on a memorable moment when he threw his helmet in frustration.

Jason brought up the helmet-throwing moment during the episode, calling it, “in typical Kelce fashion,” noting that after the game, head coach Andy Reid commented, “He went back in and did a nice job. Things happen, emotional game. Travis is emotional and sometimes my red hair gets to me a little bit, but it all works out.”

Travis didn’t seem to agree with Reid, replying, “He’s looking out for me and I love him for it,” before saying of his performance in the game, “I didn’t go back out there and play good.”

“He wanted to see the fire in me and I reacted in a bad way,” he went on, before admitting, “I’m just not playing my best football.” Looking to future games, Travis committed to being “more accountable for him, be more accountable for my teammates,” and keeping his “cool.”

Fans rallied behind Travis and his passionate response on the internet, with one writing, “I don’t like Travis being so hard on himself. Get through the playoffs & take it from there. The Chiefs comeback is going to be something extra special to watch.”

Another fan complimented the football player, saying, “Travis Kelce IS the best TE in the league. He is creative and swift when running his routes and has been able to literally step over and through some amazing blocks to move the ball to gain some yardage and get the team to the goal line.”

“Travis you are the best! Stop being so hard on yourself… Its a team sport.. There were several people on the field that did not do their job. I know you guys will get this figured out.. I have faith in you. Go Chiefs!” commented a third.

Next up for Travis and the Chiefs is a game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, Dec. 31.