Taylor Swift has ‘zero’ to do with Travis Kelce and Kansas City Chiefs’ struggles

The Kansas City Chiefs have lost three of the eight games Taylor Swift has attended this season, leading to some fans suggesting the pop star is a ‘distraction’

Ex-NFL star, Merril Hoge has dismissed the bizarre theory that Taylor Swift could be to blame for the poor performance of Kansas City Chiefs player, Travis Kelce.

It’s been a difficult time for Kelce, 34. Over the past month, he hasn’t scored a single touchdown and only managed a combined 72 receiving yards in his last pair of games. The Chiefs marked their fifth defeat in eights games on Christmas Day against the Las Vegas Raiders and Swift was there to witness it.

In fact, Swift also attended two other losses by the Chiefs – one against Green Bay Packers and the other against Buffalo Bills. It is a far cry from the early weeks of Swift’s attendance when the defending Super Bowl champions were racking up the victories.

Hoge rubbished the idea that Swift’s presence was impacting results, telling OutKick: “It’s irrelevant.” He added, “That’s a media twist. That’s actually just to tell you how weak and stupid the media is and people are.”

The former NFL player explained, “It has nothing to do with the locker room. They’ve never been in the locker room, and they (the media) clearly don’t understand the National Football League, the dynamics of winning on Sundays when you win, when you lose, the struggles that exist. Somebody who sings songs has zero to do with it.”

The former Pittsburgh Steelers running back said: “Her greatness and brilliance, that’d be like her not having a successful album and saying ‘Travis Kelce is because she didn’t have a successful album. It has nothing to do with it. She has nothing to do with where they are right now.”